Unique honeymoon plans on a budget

Some couples have chosen to forego the big honeymoon right after the wedding because many are picking their own wedding tabs.  With that major expenditure averaging $26,444, the trend is changing with couples going on a short trip of 3 or 4 days then planning a more extravagant honeymoon on their first or second anniversary.  Here are a few unique honeymoon options that can be modified based on where you live.

Plan a trip to a local state park.  Most if not all states have beautiful state parks that highlight nature’s beauty and wonder; which are great for hiking, bird watching and animal watching.  The parks can be reached by car or train, if you aren’t interested in driving.  Generally, there are local quaint hotels and national chains like Motel 6 available for accommodations. Many of the Motel 6s have been recently remodeled and upgraded over the last few years with excellent amenities which include military discounts and allowing pets to stay for free.  Having your pet with you can ease your mind and your pocketbook as sometimes boarding options can sometimes cost as much as your planned vacation. Not to mention, your fur baby will be able to celebrate the wedding festivities with you as opposed to being stressed out from being boarded or away from the pack.


Visit a nearby water park, generally water parks are located within 30 miles of a major metropolitan area and they are major fun for all ages.  Luckily, there are usually motels like Motel 6 nearby which can provide significant cost savings for the newlyweds.  Add to this the fact, this can be a weekend getaway.  No need to miss work and sometime the venues offer newlyweds special discounts or nice incentives to make your celebration of the significant life event memorable. The best part come also means that you don’t necessarily have to miss any work but can celebrate this major life event doing something fun with water.

Consider stopping in to visit a regional vacation spot like Door County in Wisconsin or Mackinac Island in Michigan.  Both offer great local cuisines and a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Mackinac Island has no franchise hotels and no cars; it renews our faith in humanity by reminding us of a life before technology.  Door County offers great local shops and water activities which can soothe the soul.

When researching hotels look for amenities like morning coffee, wifi, expanded cable, laundry facilities and swimming pools on site, these are little things that can save money.  Affordably priced these hotels can be found across the country so no matter what the plans are for your honeymoon think about staying a recognized place for consistency and recently upgraded accommodations. Don’t forget, Motel 6 will leave the light on.